Package 8: VIP 8 Week Challenge

R1100,00 per 8 weeks


VIP Challenges are still individualized plans, we do not include the foods you do not like, but these plans are limited to one option per meal. Options still include variety for example you’ll be apple to choose between chicken breast, steak, hake. If you would like a fully individualized approach with multiple options revert to the online coaching.

Inclusive of:

• 2 goal based nutritional plans. (created by a Registered Dietician).

• Diet plans to choose from are: aggressive calorie deficit (fast weight loss), moderate calorie deficit (slower weight loss), Muscle development (no weight loss, slight surplus).

• We cater for the following nutritional preferences: vegetarian (lacto-ovo), no beef/pork (Religious purposes), allergies (nuts, dairy, gluten, seafood).

• 8 week (2 month) training programme

• Access to our smartphone app for 8 weeks

• Videos & detailed descriptions attached to all exercises & workouts

• Photo updates

• Body stat updates

• Cheat meal guidelines

Kick-start your fitness journey with our new budget friendly challenges.


This is where it all begins for every successful transformation. Day one or one day? The choice is yours.

You can choose from an aggressive cut, moderate cut or a development program. All diet plans will still be within a healthy calorie range.

The aggressive cut is for a person who would like to lose as much body fat as possible during the 8 week period. This will be difficult to follow, but if you are up for the challenge this one is for you.

The moderate cut will have a smaller deficit and therefore fat loss will be slower. This will be slightly more manageable throughout the 8 week period.

The development plan will put you slightly above maintenance; this is for people who would like to build muscle and work on improving their strength; this is not a fat loss program.

Challenges are open to both men and women.

Training plans can be home based or gym based. If you opt for home based you will need glute resistance bands and a long resistance band.

This is an independent approach; if you need a hands on approach, please refer to our personalized programs.