Package 1: Premium Online Coaching, Month to Month: Diet & Training

R1450.00 per month


Inclusive of:

• Multi-option personalized nutritional plan (Minimum 4 options per meal)

• Training programme

• Access to our smartphone app

• Workout tracking

• Videos & detailed descriptions attached to all the workouts & exercises

• Nutritional tracking with my fitness pal, which syncs with our smart phone app

• Full access to WhatsApp support 6am-7pm

• Check in’s and accountability

• Total range of calorie intake per meal on the plan

• A macronutrient guideline (a range to increase flexibility and reduce the rigidity)

• Starchy & non-starchy vegetable list

• Low calorie condiments list

This is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight, build muscle or prep for a body-building competition. Learn how to diet sustainably, train optimally and lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Change your lifestyle and break bad habits. This package is suited for beginners to intermediate level trainees and is our most purchased package to date.

Athlete Note: Athletes will be required to purchase 2 tickets and one backstage pass, we have removed our higher rate for the Athlete Package to make it more affordable in the long run for the athletes.