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What Chocolate Has the Least Calories?

I give you the holy grail of dieting: Which chocolates have the least calories?


Let's be honest no one can completely give up chocolate for good. At least I know that I couldn't and that why I had to figure out which chocolate has the least calories, so that I could get my chocolate fix while dieting and still see results.

I want to reach my goals and so I needed to find a way around my chocolate cravings. This is not something that I would include everyday, because chocolate is not a food which is nutritionally dense, meaning our bodies don't get much benefit from it other than enjoyment and happy taste buds, so knowing which chocolate has the least calories is good to know when those cravings hit.

200kcal is a perfect snack size, some are even lower and can be coupled with "healthier" foods to add volume to that snack - which will help you not getting hungry afterwards.

The higher protein options will be more satiating and protein has a higher thermic effect, which simplified means you burn more calories while your body is digesting it, bonus!

Have a look below to see which chocolate has the least calories.

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