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Weight loss & how it works

Why do people become overweight?

All food contains energy which is measured in Calories (kCal). Your body uses food to get the energy to sustain life. When you consume more food than what your body needs, the extra energy is stored in your body as fat! You can then become overweight.

I like to think of dieting as saving money, if you save R500 per day, after 7 days you’ll have R3500 in your bank account. After 4 weeks, that amount will have gone up to R14 000.

This same principle is involved in weight loss: If you save 500 calories per day, that will be the equivalent of 1 pound of fat loss per week.

How much energy do you need for weight loss?

Each individual requires a certain amount of energy intake per day to maintain their current body weight. This amount is calculated on various factors such as age, sex, weight, height and their level of physical activity.

Take the following example:

John is a 65kg man who requires 2500kCal per day to maintain his body weight.

If John eats 2000kCal of energy per day, he’ll be in a calorie deficit of 500kcal, resulting in weight loss!

If John eats 3000kCal of energy per day, he’ll be in a calorie surplus of 500kCal, resulting in weight gain!

Exercise plays a vital component of weight loss as it helps to create a larger calorie deficit.

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