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The worst food group for your health.

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

I don't understand these starvation diets going around, which deprive a person of essential nutritional requirements. Cutting out food groups can be a real cause for concern for your health now and even more so later in life.

Take it from someone who tried to crash diet and then ballooned multiple times throughout her life as a result of these "chicken and broccoli until its coming out of your ears diets".

You do not need to cut out whole food groups to lose weight. You may have a medical issue i.e. Hypothyroidism, where you need to induce special tactics when structuring your diet but you do not need to cut out whole food groups.

Throughout history each food group has had its turn to sit in the naughty corner. Fat, carbs and protein.

Somewhat 20 years ago carbohydrates were people's best friend but everything had to be low fat or even better fat free.

Now we're in the era where carbohydrates are the devil.

Now the truth is you can diet on both these types’ foods and see results. You can also eat both these types of foods in excess and get fat. The reason you probably think carbohydrates are making you gain weight is because you were taking in too much, in the form of a cold drink, chips and a burger all in one sitting.

Your body needs fats and your body needs carbohydrates just like it needs protein.

I often get asked “Cherise what works”? Or “What's the best diet”? Funnily enough the answer is; “whatever you can honestly adhere to for a long period of time”. Don't tell me that you can physically eat chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life - because you'd be lying to yourself.

What happens when you go off of that diet? Yup that's right you balloon, you gain all that weight back and even more, thanks to the metabolic damage that occurred whilst you were crash dieting. Eating the same form of food over and over again multiple times through the day isn’t realistically maintainable.

Balance is key. Follow a balanced diet with a healthy calorie deficit, whilst still incorporating foods that you actually like to eat and your results will follow swiftly, you also won’t feel the need to cheat on your diet because it won’t feel like an actual diet. This is how you change your lifestyle. Teach yourself what moderation means and start executing the principles.

By Cherise Potgieter

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