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The Female muscle allergy

The first thing women say to me when I ask “what are your goals, regarding your body”? There is a generic answer that 99.9999999% of them give me its almost like the women of today have been programmed to say this , this being “I want to lose weight & tone, I don’t want to build muscle”?

This phrase always leaves me a little dumbfounded. What is toning? The dictionary says “ Toning can be defined as giving greater strength or firmness to (the body or a muscle).

I think that line alone already makes my point that im aiming to get to with this article.

The female population has spent generations fighting for equal rights, fair treatment, and striving towards being seen as equal opposition to our male counter parts, but we run away from the basic fundamental attribute of physical strength. This confuses me beyond limits. I struggle to comprehend why women are so afraid of physical strength and the “M” word.

Can you imagine how undefeatable our gender could be if we threw away all the silly little myths our brains have been brainwashed into believing.

MUSCLES DON’T MAKE YOU BIG!!! Muscle makes weight loss SO much easier to achieve and MAINTAIN. Maintenance is the biggest problem people have once they have lost weight, as so many of us, myself included fall into our old ways, flush all our hard work down the toilet and rebound. Back to square one, sometimes even further back than from where we started. One of the worst most demotivating things I have ever been threw is gaining weight back that I have lost. This feeling leaves us with, emotional stress and just a sense of wanting to give up on the whole damn thing.

Let me speak about body builders, physique, bikini fitness and figure athletes for a second. We see them everywhere, staying in shape all year round posting pictures of cheat meals we only dream about. Leaving us envious as to how they can eat soooo much rubbish and stay in shape. This isn’t sorcery its basic science, these people have worked at increasing their muscle mass, so their metabolisms are like fire. Now im not saying they eat like that everyday, because that wouldn’t be true, they are self displined at phenomenal level, but one cheat meal a week with all that muscle mass gives you the ability to find balance.

Now I wont say muscle weighs more than fat, this statmenent is scientifically incorrect 1kg of fat weighs exactly the same as 1kg of muscle, the correct statement is muscle is more dense than fat, so 1kg of fat is considerable larger than 1kg of muscle.

Muscle gives your body its strength, shape and definition. Muscle is also incredibly metabolic, every kilo of muscle can burn up to 50 calories per day. The higher your lean body mass or in simpler term how much muscle you have, the more calories you burn 24/7. In this way, adding muscle to your body through weight training, can actually helps you to become a higher-calorie-burning individual, which means you will have a faster metabolism, you burn off the calorie content in the food you eat off faster. This helps you lose weight by losing fat. During the process off losing weight, you want to lose the fat and keep (or even add) muscle.

To sum thing up I would like to say if you are struggling with your body, trying lose weight. Do not abolish the idea of building muscle, because you are so obsessed with what the scale says, you will get lighter your weight will come down if you are building muscle & following a PROPER BALANCED diet, I will get into the damage starvation diets can cause at later stage., but for now I want you to forget about the myth that Muscle make you big, when in turn it does the very opposite.

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