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Taking Time

Taking time.

This year has had its ups and downs. I made a concious decision to take my time to work on myself and my weak points.

I decided to go on a long phase of completely maintainable dieting. In an effort to recorrect the hormonal imbalances caused by my pcos and to try and sort out my insulin sensitivity. I also suffer from hectic digestive issue, due to my history of an eating disorder.

None of these things have quick fixes as most of us wish they did.

I want to live a normal life. I want to eat a meal with the family if I feel like a muffin I want to eat a muffin.

I think there is a misconception about health. Now when I say health I mean the full house.

Obsession isn't healthy, over excess isnt healthy. Balance is healthy.

So it's has been a slow process but I can honestly say I feel at ease with my relationship with food. I can have a cheat meal and not hate myself for doing it. I can eat a cheat meal and stop, I haven't binged all year.

My relationship with the scale and my weight is at the best it's ever been. I cope with fluctuations far better than I used to. I know that it's water, glycogen, and hormonal levels doing their thing.

I'm am once again falling in love with the process and not limiting myself to  only eating certain food groups.

I love my body and love where I'm going. 

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