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Post Show Blues.

Today I want to speak about a rare topic on competition prep.

A lot of athletes struggle post show. We almost always try to maintain our ridiculously low levels of body fat. We always say, 'this time I'm not getting fluffy'.

We try with all our might to hang onto that condition.

What we tend to over look is that body fat levels this low we are technically in a state of anorexia.

Are we then promoting anorexia as being healthy? This really has me asking some hard questions about competing and how healthy it is.

In 2019 I prepped in a "healthy" manner. I didn't drop calories too low, I followed 1600-1700 calories right throughout prep. My peak week involved no water loading as I was not about to risk my kidneys. I did everything right according to text book definition of "healthy".

So why did I fall so hard after 2019? What happened to my body? Why did I feel so awful and struggle so much to get back up again. How can I ensure that my clients don't experience the same thing.

Was it my history of an eating disorder that made the body dysmorphia so bad? Was it something else?

I've seen many women struggle to accept that a higher level of body fat is healthy. Their body is actually in great shape at around 15-20%. I've seen women call themselves fat when they were far from it.

I've seen women obsess about portion sizes, making them smaller and smaller. I've seen women hide themselves because they feel like people will judge them because of how they look.

This is a very real and very common thing in the competitive world.

Does it happen to everyone? No it does not.

But for some it can be crippling. So today I wanted to post this.

About 98% of the population will prefer that body I have on the right. The 2% that don't are probably deep in their own body dysmorphia. Do I care which one society prefers, absolutely not, but my point is that you may see yourself in a negative light and you need to open you eyes to see. You are able and you are healthy.

Will I compete again, absolutely. It's fun and rewarding. However I'll be more aware of not bullying myself post show. I will not try and maintain a body fat level that's not healthy. This doesn't mean I'll go ham and eat everything in sight. It simply means I'll be kinder to myself when I have a slightly higher level of body fat.

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