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Let's Talk Rebounds

A rebound is something many people go through after losing a phenomenal amount of weight. Rebounding is basically when you gain a substantial amount of weight after losing some.

Rebounds leave a person feeling hopeless and demotivated. Rebounds suck, there is no other way to describe them. When you rebound, you tend to want to throw in the towel and just give up on everything. This is possibly the worst way of dealing with one because things will only get worse from there.

When weight loss is on a person’s goal list, they usually want to lose the weight quickly and swiftly. You take 6 months to a year or more to gain the weight and then you want to lose it in a month or two… some people even hope for quicker results. So people tend to turn to empty promises, unmaintainable methods and anything that’s going to get the weight off. This move right here is what sets you up for failure. My favourite quote for dieting is, “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience”.

Everyone out here is looking for some beautifully kept secret to weight loss, unfortunately I hate to break it to you, but it doesn’t exist. Crash diets, pills and potions set you up for the rebound. They cause metabolic damage, hormonal imbalances and cause more destruction in your body than good.

The next issue is what a lot of coaches in the fitness industry post on social media. “COME TO ME, I’LL HELP YOU SHED 10 KILOS IN 1 MONTH”… Ok Bob, cool story bro. how about we stop lying to people. Prepare them mentally for what it’s actually going to take, how about we start setting balanced diets that are actually maintainable.

When this happens, rebounds will become a thing of the past. People are cutting out whole food groups and following starvation based diets because everyone believes that this is how it’s done.

If you google search ‘what the healthy rate of FATLOSS is’, you’ll probably find the answer to be 500g to 1kg per week. Yet to most people that’s too little, they feel that it’s not enough. I’m sorry but when was the last time that you looked at a 500g stick of butter? You didn’t get to where you are overnight, so don’t expect to be where you want to be tomorrow.

If you want to be successful in your journey, you need to be prepared to work for it. Will you follow your diet everyday 100%? - probably not, and that’s ok. No true transformation comes without bumps in the road. It’s a part of what makes you stronger. I can easily say I am not the same girl who I was 5 years ago, her and I probably wouldn’t even get along – she partied too much and had too many excuses, but if I could go back and say something to her, I would say: “ hang in there, keep trying and don’t give up”.

Motivation is something that declines at a rapid rate when a rebound strikes. People tend to go back to their old ways, stop training and then slowly give up. This is the worst move. When you realize that this is happening, the best thing that you can do is to continue going to the gym, even if you just go there to sit on a damn bosu ball, you are still there, making an active effort to keep trying. The next thing that you need to do is sit yourself down and look at where your struggles lie – it’s probably the diet that you can’t stick, which means that you need to change things around and incorporate something that you like. This will make you feel like you’re on less of a diet and more of a balanced road to health living.

I could speak about this topic all day, but ill wrap it up here. Don’t give up on yourself, because you are the greatest project that you will ever work on.

By Cherise Potgieter

Photo taken by Ben Myburgh

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