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Learn to love yourself

Today I want to start off with a small exercise, I want you to name a few things you love about yourself... ok now I want you to name a few things you don’t like and would want to change.... alright done?

The sad thing about this exercise is the list of things you didn't like, probably outweighed the things that you did.

These days we are so focused on the things we'd like to change about ourselves, we forget about the things we have to offer and the things we have to be grateful for.

Always try see the good in something or a situation, when you look in that mirror I bet you didn’t realize what was actually being reflected. So many gifts were probably blindly overlooked. In life nothing is promised. Look in the mirror and see that you have two eyes that work, which some don’t, two ears that work, which some don’t, a mouth which you are able to speak with, which some can’t. All these things I have listed are not promised in life and can be gone tomorrow, remember not to overlook the little things in life, as sometimes they are the most precious things of all.

The way you see yourself is far more important than the opinion of other individuals. Something that we need to work on, and yes also won’t change overnight.

So you look in the mirror and you see a person that needs to lose weight, a person that needs better skin, ugly, a gap in your teeth, eyes too far apart, a big nose, or whatever you find is unaesthetically pleasing about yourself.

I believe we see ourselves this way because of the brainwashing we've undergone in our lives by society and media. Answer something for me… Who decided what was to be considered the perfect body type or the ideal look?

Think of a small child, and how they are. A Little girl around the age of four has no problem running around in a costume, even if she is a little chubby, because she hasn’t been taught to be so conscious about the way that she looks to other people. If you were expected to be around people in nothing but your bikini how would you feel? Self-conscious and uncomfortable? At some point you were just as careless as the child, until you were made aware of a little something called “body Image”.

When you look in the mirror I want you to see this, an individual who is the new brand of beautiful, perfect just the way you are, sure, you can change, but make sure it’s for you and not for something you were made to believe should be a certain way.

That gap in your teeth or slight "imperfection" is what sets you apart from the rest, why on earth would you want to blend in, if you were born to stand out. We all look different for a reason, we aren’t meant to look like one another. Embrace who you are, love who you are and you will find such an empowering amount of confidence flooding in that you will feel like there’s nothing you can’t do...

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