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Insulin Resistance - The real enemy.

When you are trying to lose weight and completely change your lifestyle, it becomes very important to know how the human body functions and why it functions that way. When you are able to make sense of the functions and understand why things are the way that they are, it becomes a lot easier for you to execute the principles into your daily life.

I will be discussing a little more about something called insulin sensitivity, and why improving your insulin sensitivity is beneficial for your weight loss journey.

To keep it simple, a person’s insulin sensitivity refers to how sensitive their body is to the effects of insulin. If a person’s insulin sensitivity is at a good level they will need less insulin to lower their blood glucose levels compared to a person who has poor insulin sensitivity.

When a person’s insulin sensitivity becomes severely low it can lead to health issues such as type 2 diabetes. Your body is an incredible machine, when it picks up on the fact that there is a bit of a problem with low insulin sensitivity it tries to fix the issue by producing more insulin. If the levels of insulin circulating around your body becomes too high it can cause your blood pressure to rise, you may develop heart disease, it can increase your chances of developing osteoporosis and it can also causes severe weight gain leading to obesity.

Insulin is one of the many hormones found in our body. When you eat food, your body converts the carbohydrates from that food into glucose, that glucose then circulates inside your bloodstream and is used up by your cells. The glucose which isn’t used is stored.

When your insulin sensitivity is at a higher level of the spectrum you are able to consume carbohydrates without a high rise in your insulin occurring. This means that if you increase your insulin sensitivity your body can cope with a higher amount of carbohydrates in your system without them being a disadvantage to your results, but if your insulin levels start to become too high your fat loss rate will slow down quite dramatically.

People load their bodies with high GI carbohydrates over extended periods of time and this causes them to become resistant to the effects of insulin. This means that when they eat carbohydrates there is a larger amount of insulin that gets released and this can decrease the amount of fatty acids that the body releases.

You should now understand that by increasing your body’s insulin sensitivity, you can in turn improve and speed up the results of your weight loss journey.

You can improve your insulin sensitivity by making better lifestyle choices by increasing the amount of exercise you get in and improving your dietary choices. There is also a number of supplements that you can take that have been found to improve your insulin sensitivity, but it’s important to remember that without making the necessary changes to your diet and exercise regimen the supplements won’t do their job.

Following a diet that is lower in high GI carbohydrates and rather contains low GI carbs, protein and healthy fats – so it is therefore still balanced and healthy will be an essential step in the improvement of your insulin sensitivity and overall health.

You can incorporate all types of exercise to help combat your low insulin sensitivity. However, weight training is beneficial because your muscles take up the majority of the glucose in your body and therefore weight training will have the greatest impact on improving your insulin sensitivity.

by Cherise Potgieter

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