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How Weight loss works

Weight loss has created a lot of confusion over the last few decades. I used to be one of those confused individuals, always wondering how weight loss works and if it was even possible for me to have a slimmer body.

I tried many products on the market which led me to believe that nothing works, and I muttered the famous words “I have tried everything”, but I hadn’t I hadn’t learnt where I was going wrong, I hadn’t worked hard and I hadn’t tried being consistent.

Weight gain happens over a period of time, we aren’t born obese. We become obese. It can start when we are children due to our family’s nutritional habits or later in life when we discover good cuisine. Over and above this, there’re also medications and hormonal problems that make it a lot easier to gain weight.

How weight loss works is actually fairly simple: You remain in a comfortable calorie deficit for a period of time. However it’s not as easy as it sounds to most individuals due to poor eating habits, disordered eating and food addiction.

Most of us cannot give up the food we love and we shouldn’t have to. In fact I find that restrictive dieting only leads to greater weight gain once you can no longer carry on restricting yourself at such a high level. It is for this reason that I believe when formulating a diet, it is imperative that I have an extensive list of the client’s favourite foods, so that I can work them into the plan. The aim is to get the client to feel like they are not on a diet. This will give them the ability to maintain their efforts of following the plan for much longer. It still comes with moderation though and I don’t want you to read this thinking “oh this is going to be a walk in the park”, it will still be a lengthy and difficult process, but it will be faster and easier than running in circles with a diet you find impossible to stick to.

This isn’t always possible though, at times if clients have medical health issues which put their lives at risk, we do need to take stricter protocols to prioritize their health before putting them on a flexible approach, but even in cases like this, diets will be balanced with micronutrient rich foods.

So now that you have a better idea on how weight loss works, I hope that I have convinced you to rather follow a balanced diet and throw out the fad diets. Bottom line is that diet pills won’t work unless you do, and even then they only make a tiny difference to your metabolic rate.

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