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How to feel Beautiful

When I was severely overweight. I made it part of my daily routine to insult myself everytime I looked in the mirror. I would tell myself constantly how ugly I was and how disgusting my body was. When you are telling yourself these things everyday you start to believe it and sadly I know I'm not the only person who has fallen prey to themselves.

Since losing the weight I've inspired women, which is great I love that I touch the lives of other human beings and show them what they thought was impossible is actually very attainable. The only thing that saddens me is these women that message me, and almost always say that they wish they could be pretty like me. My heart breaks every time it happens because I remember that feeling all to well. Looking online for drive and inspiration and looking at women you wish you looked like. Where I thank you ladies for building up my spirits, making my day and making me feel beautiful, I think it's time you stop. It's now your time - to tell yourself that you are beautiful and that you are amazing.

You need to start building yourself up inside and out. I want you to think of your transformation  like building a house. It doesn't just happen, you need all the components to make a perfectly sturdy structure, if you leave anything out, your house stands the chance of crumbling down.

Your self esteem plays a huge role in the success of your goals. You need to believe you can and tell yourself that you can in order for it to happen.

That self esteem doesn't just float in, it takes work just like diet and exercise. Once I had lost most of the weight I wanted to do a photoshoot, it was on my list of goals. I still remember booking that first shoot with Lucas Scorgie. I was so nervous I thought, what the hell am I doing, I'm  kidding myself I can't do this. The photos will look terrible, but I went and did it anyway. I thought to myself well if I don't like the way I look thats fine, no one needs to see the photos.

And then I saw that first photo... I was at complete at a loss for words, I wanted to cry I could not believe that was me. It was the most empowering feeling that I had ever felt. I didn't see myself like that, it was the first time that I had realised how hard I actually worked and how far I had come. For this reason I think every women should do a sexy shoot. Whether you share the photos or not, you deserve to see how beautiful you are from everyone else's point of view. You don't need to be tiny or skinny to do one, I found it was the best way to build up your self esteem, you can speak to any woman that has done one with a good photographer and I bet she will tell you how much fun it was and how good it made her feel.

I was always the fat friend in school. You know, the girl guys were nice to so they could meet my friend. No joke, guys would be my friend and then tell me how much they liked my other friend, especially in my younger years. No one ever had a crush on me in school. No one ever asked me to be their valentine and no guy ever offered to buy me a drink at the bar. It used to really suck. Sure these things I have listed hold no real importance in life, but its nice to be noticed. Today I think it's not just how you look but how you see yourself. When you are more confident in yourself and believe in yourself people can see it.

Start your day off every morning listing things that you love about yourself. Make it a routine, because your mental health is just as important as your physical health. The only thing you need to do

to become beautiful is to tell yourself that you are.

I don't want to get another direct message saying "Cherise you are pretty, I wish I could look like you". Which sounds incredibly self indulged but my reason is: I would much more prefer getting messages like " thank you Cherise for showing me that I'm beautiful too". 

by Cherise Potgieter

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