• Cherise & Owen

Episode 1: The fundamentals of Weight loss.

With this video my aim was to really simplify how caloric deficits work with fat loss and how cheat meals, when they are not moderated can derail your progress. Moderation is key to the success of your transformation, whether you are just trying to knock off a little bit of body or even if you're a competitive athlete.

It's important note that when I say that you need to diet Monday to Sunday, I'm not saying that you need to eat boiled chicken and broccoli until it is coming out of your ears. You can make your diet absolutely divine with the foods you love and then just save your guilty pleasures for your cheat meal. This way you don't feel deprived and your "diet" becomes maintainable. People don't really understand what changing your lifestyle is, its not limiting yourself and cutting out food groups this approach is

not maintainable and results in rebound after rebound.

Upcoming Episodes:

Episode 2: Protein, how much is too much. By Owen Dunderdale

Episode 3: Binge Eating Disorders. By Cherise Potgieter

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