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Please note: We work with international clients from all over the world and not just South Africans. For international payments, we accept World Remit and Paysend, alternatively you can also use a swift code which we will supply you with. The following prices are in the South African Rands (ZAR).

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Please note that the following packages are not individualized.

These packages are budget friendly, pre-set programs. The 8 week challenge diets only consist of one option per meal.

These challenges are for individuals who cannot afford full online coaching, but still want to partake on a weight loss journey.

The challenges are based within the Reforma Elite App Platform, and you are still able to track all workouts for the subscribed 8 weeks.

They are independent and do not include check in’s and private chats via WhatsApp.

Please carefully decide which program is best suited for you, as once you have been subscribed, we will not allow anyone to be transferred to a different level of difficulty.

Please Note: We do not permit any online coaching clients to downgrade onto any of these packages, but you may upgrade to online coaching if you feel that the challenges do not provide enough options, accountability and learning.

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